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Hello and welcome to my website! I am Tom a dedicated drummer who loves playing the drums and I have done for around 17 years now. I play many types of music from Top 40, rock, dance, funk, jazz to name a few. I am a quick learner of tracks, I can play with click or no click. I have done several contracts all over the world with top 40 bands playing all types of venues so understand the dedication and hard work in doing this. I have no commitments and I am ready to go to anywhere at short notice for long or short periods. Read More

I have played drums with many pro players at sessions and also one to one tuition's, I have been on the circuit around the country and the world with function bands, theater bands and also tribute bands. I understand the hard work and commitment required to be a pro musician.

I have just finished a contract on a cruise ship in South America, playing top 40 music as well as a mix of jazz, funk, pop, rock, country, reggae, disco and I am now looking for my next venture.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch regarding projects you may have, also I am willing to travel to auditions and rehearsals that is no problem. Read Less

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My personal promo video

A promo video of me and one of my former bands

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Check out these tracks of me drumming over some popular songs.

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